About Developmental Spectrums

Lynne R. Mielke, M.D.

Lynne R. Mielke M.D.

Dr. Mielke is the founder of Developmental Spectrums clinic. Dr. Mielke graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine, and did her Psychiatry residency at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. After finishing her residency, she was an Associate Clinical Professor at UCLA in the Department of Family Practice for several years and had a private practice in Westwood, before moving to Pleasanton, where she practiced as a Psychiatrist for several years.

Dr. Mielke’s interest in Autism and related disorders began after the birth of her second son, who developed unexplained gastrointestinal, behavioral, and language problems in his second year of life. Traditional medical evaluations and treatments for her son were of little help, so Dr. Mielke began doing research and attending many conferences on this subject, including the original DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) conferences, sponsored by the Autism Research Institute in San Diego.

She discovered that many children with similar medical problems are on the autism spectrum, and that there are effective integrative medical treatments for these issues that are not well known by most doctors.

After several years of having to take her own son to doctors far away from the Bay Area to find help, she decided to use the knowledge she had learned about her own child to help others, and so she started the Developmental Spectrums clinic. She has been intensively studying this topic ever since, and has now been specializing in the biomedical treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s) for many years, and is now a MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs) certified provider.

Dr. Mielke has given numerous talks on the subject of ASD’s in the community to parent and doctor groups, presented frequently at the prestigious Defeat Autism Now! Think Tanks, has trained other doctor and allied health professionals in the application of the MAPS principles and protocols, networks frequently with other top autism doctors around the country, and has been interviewed extensively in the media on this topic.
Her personal and professional mission in life is to help recover children on the autism spectrum.

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