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Scientific References and Abstracts

Click here to access “Biomedical Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders: Scientific References and Abstracts.”

Dealing with Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel

This website gives several authoritative resources on how to deal with an autistic child and personnel from law enforcement or other emergency staff.

Autism ID Cards

Below are links that contain information about Autism ID cards, which are typically carried around with an individual who has Autism, in case something should happen (e.g., tantrums, emergency situations, etc.).

No fee.  Families can print them out. View Here.

Autism ID cards vary in design, size, information displayed, photo available, quantity, etc.   Prices vary.

Web-Based ABA at Home

For information about “Rethink Autism,” a new web-based program that enables parents to help their children at home with structured ABA lessons.

Safety Harness = Freedom for Both of You

Using a Safety Harness with your loved one means freedom for them and less stress for you.

If your loved one is a toddler or young child, or someone with special needs with no concept of danger, you (likely) hold their hand or hold onto a piece of their clothing whenever you are out together. Your “lead” is the length of their little arm or however far the hood of their jacket can stretch.

But if you use a Safety Harness to keep the two of you together, they can walk and run around beside you with a sense of freedom. You also benefit if you use a Safety Harness with your loved one. You can relax (somewhat!) because you are still holding onto them, but much more comfortably.

No more telling them to “always hold Mommy’s hand” then you let go of their hand to open a door…; no more rubber necking and calling their name to see where they are; no more stretching their clothes; no more writing your cell phone number on their backs and hoping that if you get separated, the “right” type of person finds them before the “wrong” type does.

Click here to learn how to get this harness.

Learn About Disabilities Education Improvement Act

Developmental Disabilities Area Board 10 is proud to announce a free, on-line, self-guided training course that will help parents learn more about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 2004). Parents will be able to work at their own pace and will be able to resume from where they left off on their previous session. Simply point your web browser to this site to get started.

Discipline for children with ASDs

Autism Center gives great information about the problems surrounding discipline and the conflicts that arise because of them.

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