How to Become New Patient

How to Become a New Patient


Take time to study our website all the way through; it contains a lot of information about biomedical treatment and it will give you a good understanding of what we do before you set up your appointment.
Give us a call! When you are ready to schedule an appointment with the practitioner contact us. Our New Patient Coordinator will help you schedule an appointment and answer any initial questions you may have.

Note: Medical consent for treatment is required to be signed by both parents prior to the appointment. Parental consent for medical treatment of a minor is an important legality that all medical providers must pay attention to.

If the child’s parents are legally separated or divorced, then the situation changes and we will need to have copies of all legal documents regarding custody. If one or both parents have full or shared legal custody, then they are able to make unilateral medical decisions for that child.

The New Patient Coordinator will then send you a packet of intake forms for new patients by email or regular mail.  Please fill out these New Patient Forms and return them to Developmental Spectrums at least one week before your initial appointment.elopmental Spectrums at least one week before your initial appointment.

While you are waiting for your appointment we’d like you to continue learning as much as you can about biomedical treatment.  Read at least one of these three books: Children with Starving Brains by Jacquelyn McCandless; Healing the New Childhood Epidemics by Kenneth Bock; and Changing the Course of Autism by Bryan Jepson and others. Start implementing some of our website suggestions about diet and nutrition. Prepare for your experience at Developmental Spectrums. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us at any time and our staff will do everything possible to help.

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