Nutrition Contents

Nutrition Contents


The Nutrition section of our website has many important subsections. This page is a guide to those subsections. All prospective patients for Developmental Spectrums should be familiar with this content, especially the first two subsections, before their intake appointment.

Introduction to Nutrition: An overview of the basic importance of nutrition in biomedical treatment, and the four major diets that can be prescribed.

Food Allergies, Intolerance and Other Reactions: This is an explanation of what takes place in the body with food allergies and intolerances, and how biomedical treatment deals with them.

Tips on GF/CF Diet: Practical advice for a daunting task.

Teaching children how to take pills: Valuable tips and resources for learning this skill.

Tips for dining out and traveling on special diets.

GF/CF Menu Planning: Ideas to get you started on the GF/CF Diet.

Commercial Sources for GF/CF Food: For those unable to prepare GF/CF foods at home, this section tells you where prepared foods can be purchased.

Information about Low-Oxalate Diets: Explains the problems some have with Oxalates, and how special diets can help.

Oxalate Content of Various Grains:

Oxalate Content of Common Green Vegetables:

A Compilation of Advice for Using the Low Oxalate Diet for Autism:

Prioritizing Organic Produce Purchases: What to choose when you can’t purchase everything organic.

Probiotic Drinks: The benefits of probiotics from fermented foods.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet: A diet for children with major gut issues.

Phenols and Salicylates: How some children have problems with these chemicals.

Nutrition for Autism – Partial Bibliography: Scientific research and publications about nutrition and autism.


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