Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Optimal Health Spectrums is conveniently located in Pleasanton, which is at the intersection of two major freeways in the East Bay, the 580 and the 680. Our office is in the Stoneridge Office Center complex. We are not located near the mall, but are on the opposite end of Stoneridge Drive. Please see our directions on how to get here. Inside Suite A is our reception area. Please check in with the receptionist when you arrive. If you are bringing a child for an appointment, we suggest that you bring any hand-held devices that he/she enjoys playing with.

Behind the reception area are located the staff members who will guide you through the process of your treatment and check-out, with needed prescriptions and supplements: First, our Receptionist, Front Office Manager, New Patient Coordinator, and checkout staff. Going down the hall, the offices to the right are: Nurse Practitioner Sandi Kreizenbeck, Dr. Lynne Mielke, and Ann, our Administrative Director. To the left of the hallway in Suite A is our back office, an administrative assistant office and our chart room/storage area.

Suite B is our Optimal Brain Center. Here we provide QEEG; TMS (Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation); TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury) treatments, and Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments. See our website: www.Optimal-Brain-Center.com.

Phlebotomy and IV services are provided in Suite C, where we have a receptionist/lab assistant counter, nurse’s stations, and Lab Manager’s office. One large room features phlebotomy and ozone treatment chairs. There is also an exam room. A side room holds an adjustable bed, where patients can recline during treatment, if needed, and parents can relax and/or comfort their child during procedures.

The combination of services offered at Developmental Spectrums is the most comprehensive available in the Bay Area for the holistic treatment of developmental disorders and related neurologic problems.

Please call Optimal Health Spectrums directly at 925-846-8000 or Get Started Online by visiting our New Patients Section!