Oxalate Content of Various Grains

Oxalate Content of Various Grains


The scientist who did the testing for the Low Oxalate Cookbook recently tested the oxalate content of several foods.  The good news here is that two additives – potato starch and tapioca starch, used by several GF companies in their preparation of foods – are not high in oxalates. 

This makes it more feasible to use these prepared foods in the Low Oxalate Diet.  Apparently the process of separating the starch from the rest of the grain eliminates a lot of the oxalate.   One should not eat a large quantity of even the lower grains on LOD, since the goal is to keep the daily load below 40-60 mgs in an adult diet (proportionately lower for children).

                       per 100 grams            per half cup

Potato Starch          6.8
Cornstarch             14.5                         12.8
Wild Rice Flour       16.9
Flax seed meal       22.8                         11.7
Tapioca Starch       24
Corn grits                24.2                        18.6
White rice flour       28.5
Brown rice flour     36.5                          28.8
White wheat           39.5                          24.7
Semolina                48                              40
Rye                        50.5                           32.3
Cornmeal               53.5                           31.3
Barley                   56                              41
Whole wheat        67                              40
Quinoa                140
Soy                     183                              77
Buckwheat         269                            161

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