A Tribute to Mild HBOT

Dear OxyHealth,

We thought you might like to hear about how miracuously effective your VITAERIS 320 HYPERBARIC CHAMBER was in the COMPLETE RECOVERY of our child from autism.

MARCH 2007 – Pediatric Neurologist diagnosed Tommy (Age 2.3) with autism. (No words, eye contact, continuous stimming and meltdowns, gut issues: constant diahria/constipation, no social interaction)

TODAY (Age 4.4) and 300+ mild HBOT Hours w/ O2 Concentrator – Tommy is age appropriate speech (SLP), starts mainstream preschool in September, no gut issues even without remaining 100% on GFCF diet, most outgoing and social kid in the neighborhood, stimming is completely gone, totally conversational, rides bike, potty trained, plays with friends, wrestles, nonstop talker (Including who, what, when, where, why questions), incredibly affectionate (kisses, hugs, wants to be held), enormously happy and so full of life!

Mild HBOT, MB12, along with all the other interventions combined created a miracle for us. Today, Tommy is completely recovered and indistinguishable from his peers. For us, mild HBOT was the biggest and best. For the skeptics out there, mild HBOT WORKS and has huge potential to help in so many ways.

We still limit his dairy intake, try to maintain an organic diet, continue with all supplements, MB12 shots every 3 days, and periodic HBOT for overall health and wellness.

HBOT Testimonial

“My son’s been doing mHBOT at home for 8 months now. We started out doing mHBOT two sessions a day (total of 3 hrs a day) for the first month, taking one day off every 6-7 days. After about a month I went down to one session a day for 90 mins-2 hrs. We are now doing HBOT 75-90 mins a day with a day off once a week (I need the break!).We have seen major improvements with cognitive, social and speech. We’ve seen gut healing, inflammation markers decreased, yeast is gone and hasn’t come back and his oxidative stress markers went way,way down (although if you don’t have enough antioxidants on board your oxidative stress can go sky high).  I also believe that using HBOT at the same time we were treating Lyme and viruses is what has helped kick the bacteria and viruses (we are still fighting both but we are very close to winning the battle).

I’ve heard some folks indicate that HBOT stirs up yeast, bacteria and viruses but for us HBOT along with our other biomedical treatment is eliminating them.  Keep in mind that we have also been chelating for about a year now (we took a 9-week break in between). I know without a doubt that chelation has played a major role in his improvements but I also know HBOT is clearly a treatment he needed along with chelation.

About 5 months back I did a test trial with IV Phospohatidyl Choline (PC) 6 hours before doing a HBOT treatment. And the results were amazing.  I saw the same improvements with cognitive and speech but I saw them over night.  I read somewhere that PC and chelation work well  but when you add HBOT into the picture you see more improvements, and that’s because PC opens the cells of the tissues throughout the body and allows the oxygen from the HBOT to flow through it while the chelation pulls the metals from the tissues.  Now we get PC injections every Monday morning before chelation. My son is 98% recovered at this point and we’ve only been doing biomed since March 08 and diet since Jan. 08.”

Patient Testimonial

Our daughter developed normally, hitting all of her milestones until about 15 months. At a check up around 13 months, she was due to receive her shots. I gave them, as most unsuspecting parents do. A 5–in-1 shot plus, our doctor suggested since she was just shy of 15 months, why not get her MMR vaccination as well? Made sense to me, right? May 22, 2002 will forever be a day that I wish I could do over. Macie went from being a happy, interactive child, just learning to use words, to a child who would stare off into space, and not seem to  realize that there was a whole world to play with. She lost her words, she lost her inquisitiveness – we lost our daughter.  Our two large 180 lb dogs, who roam the house, became invisible to her. She would spend hours playing with her hands. At the park she would stand in a corner and babble to herself, completely oblivious to life around her. My husband and I were confused. What was wrong? Would she grow out of this? Was this normal, a stage? People, family around us, said not to worry, she was still young. But, with each passing day, I would spend more time judging her against other kids her age. I finally got out of denial and got the courage to go on the internet. I knew immediately when I read the symptoms that Macie was autistic. And so began our journey.

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